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From the concept to production, Legnotecnica is able to produce according to drawings or to samples supplied directly by the client, such products as:


  • Doors for kitchens and furniture
  • Legs for wooden tables
  • Pantographed and other metal strut
  • Cross-beams and frames with 90° and 45° joints, both with hinges and fingers


Legnotecnica, possessing a qualified and efficient team of professionals, is able to produce any type of accompaniment for furniture, ensuring reliability and precision, skills that give our company high competitive value on the market even in price.


Technology, research and innovation are at the base of the constant work of specialisation we perform, especially in the processing of solid wood as a distinctive element for a quality market. In addition, feasibility studies identify the best technical solutions for the optimisation of production cycles.


Study and research have led to innovations particularly in the area of micro-cracking, through holes and the project called CI/STA', with the application of dovetail technology. All solutions are covered by Legnotecnica international patents. 

Wooden tables of any dimension or finish

A table is like a custom made suit with Legnotecnica that becomes the tailor of solid wood, developing personalised tables for clients proposing clean and tight lines.


A balance between shape, detail and identity, with structures in solid wood used to produce tables that are square, rectangular, round or oval, either out of wood or metal, both fixed and extendable.


Thanks to a wide range of finishes and many materials we create customised solutions with a range of tables that manifest our competitive advantage, optimising timeframes and methods of production with contemporary taste and exclusive design.

The soul of our achievements : a wooden table design solid Laboratory of ideas
Wooden tables

We produce wooden tables with various materials in our plant.

The company’s internal design office develops the technical project accompanying the customer to the analysis of each production detail, viewing the elements in 3D before production.


LegnotecnicaSrl is able to perform internally all the phases of manufacturing, creating projects aimed at new market segments.


The product may be delivered to the client already milled, ready to be painted or already painted, assembled and packed, but not before having passed the quality tests imposed by the CATAS certifying agent.

The company has FSC and PEFC certification.

Realization of sliding guides for extensible tables Inside the company arise original ideas to furnish and contain
Phases of manufacturing

Doors for kitchens and furniture

The innovative technology of Legnotecnica is expressed also in the manufacture of wooden doors in general. The company possesses various types of machinery, among which edgebanders, tenoning grooving lines, 45-degree assembly lines, grinding and squaring lines, electronic machinery for drilling and milling, 3-axis pantographs and 5-axis work centres.


In this specific commodity sector Legnotecnica has an internal productive capacity of 2000 doors per day. There are different materials processed such as beech, oak, hornbeam, birch, cherry and ash. We produce 45-degree wooden doors, doors for kitchens, doors for bedrooms and front wooden drawers.

Special processing of solid wood doors Leaf detail in carved wood

Patented products with through hole

A competitive and distinct advantage for Legnotecnica is certainly the manufacturing of an oblique headpiece through hole with a maximum length of 1 metre and 20 centimetres: a special process with minimum thresholds of tolerance that permit the anchoring of the legs to the structure of the top by inserting a threaded bar. The aesthetic value is imposing, given that being a single piece it eliminates all the disadvantages that might arise from the joining of two pieces.


An innovative solution that permits the production of wooden tables with a significant reduction in timeframes, costs and risks of splitting during assembly. Technology covered by a Legnotecnica patent obtained through joint research with Area Science Park, in collaboration with the Catas testing and the research centre of excellence.

Detail of the through hole for wooden legs Realization of the through hole in the wooden leg to the table
Through hole

Micro-cracking: a patented innovative procedure

Legnotecnica is the owner of another important study covered by patent: these are special and original procedures to avoid the development of micro-cracking in the wood of products destined to be painted.


This innovative process consists in dipping the raw materials in a contrasting liquid that permits the early discarding of wooden tables with micro-cracking. An important innovation, because if in the past micro-cracking became visible only in the painting phase, leading to waste that cost tens of thousands of Euros, today that money can be saved. The research was begun in partnership with the Area Science Park in collaboration with the Catas Institute.